CFA Soсiety Ukraine

Associate Finance Partner

Employer SoftServe

Job Location Kyiv, Ukraine

Job Description

Finance Partners, one of the departments of SoftServe, a team of professionals who assist Senior Management with budgeting, planning, model-based pricing, analyzing, and reporting aspects. We also play an active role at corporate finance level: improving budgeting, forecasting and reporting systems, identifying issues, data gathering, conducting analyses, contributing to business development, and helping to implement change.


  • Tracking performance at the department level and preparing plan-fact analysis and KPIs calculations
  • Participating in the forecasting process at the department level, including revenue and cost forecast
  • Managing the process of model-based pricing at the department level
  • Building effective communication with all stakeholders to ensure the effectiveness of the process for developing, collecting, and analyzing required information
  • Analyzing information delivered, preparing reports/making recommendations to the management of the department
  • Contributing to the development of new reports at the corporate and department level
  • Analyzing input information to ensure its compliance with requirements and performance targets


Ensure that the Company’s Senior Management has all up-to-date and valid financial data and instruments for an effective decision-making process. We will help them to negotiate with all the stakeholders on the language of numbers. We will be delivering presentations regarding our reports and day-to-day work with financial statements

Required Experience and Skills

  • A Bachelor or Master’s degree specialist in Financial Management, Financial Analysis, or similar
  • A professional with experience in Financial Management, Financial Analysis, or related fields
  • Experienced with cross-functional teams collaboration
  • An advanced user of MS Word, Excel, PowerPoint
  • The one who excels in self-organization and time-management
  • Showing a strong level of presentation, communication, and interpersonal skills
  • Good at problem-solving and quality of work (analytic capacity, logical reasoning, problem structuring, creativity, quantitative ability/ comfort, tolerance of ambiguity, capacity to ensure and maintain a high degree of accuracy and quality in work delivered)
  • An empathic and team player (showing positive thinking, open communication style, desire and ability to work in teams; open for criticism and willing to ask for help, perceptive to others’ feelings, able to listen, confident without being arrogant)
  • Able to work under pressure without losing a sense of life (stress-resistant despite obstacles), energetic and oriented to make things happen (‘can do’ attitude), honest, frank, and responsible
  • Demonstrating Upper-Intermediate English level

Contact Details

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