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2021 Valuation Workshop Marathon

2021 Valuation Workshop Marathon

Join us at the 2021 Valuation Workshop & Portfolio Management Marathon, where experienced financial analysts, portfolio managers, investment advisors, or specialists in other specific areas of finance, share with peers the most recent practical achievements, innovative approaches to modeling, valuation, portfolio construction, or other innovative areas of the investment profession.
The Marathon includes sessions from May 24 till June 3.

May 24 | Dmitriy Musatov, Partner, Deal Advisory, KPMG Ukraine
How current global market trends together with pandemic influence independent valuation?

  • Why now more than ever valuers should make extra effort to arrive to well-supported valuation conclusions.
  • Why valuers need to pay more attention to accounting matters and issues to provide users with relevant and accurate estimates of prospective financial information.
  • How to develop a relevant financial model reflecting complex business reality properly and with an adequate level of scrutiny.

May 26 | Oleksandr Kulykov, Director, Univer Investment Group | Mykhailo Ritcher, Asset Manager, Wotan
Personal Investments: Optimal Portfolio from Theory to Ukrainian Practice

  • How to composite optimal portfolio in Ukrainian reality?
  • What instruments are available for retail investors?
  • What are the risks and constraints of investing in Ukraine?

May 28 | Vitaliy Vavryshchuk, Director of Financial Stability Department, National Bank of Ukraine
Equity vs. Regulatory Capital of Financial Firms, Quality of Capital

  • Why banks/insurers and their regulators care much more about regulatory capital (own funds) than about the size of equity.
  • Why unlike for the real sector companies, the quality of capital is an important concept.

June 2 | Dimitri Elkin, Co-Founder and Managing Partner of Twelve Seas Capital
SPAC: what you should know about

  • SPAC in a nutshell: what is it and how it compares to traditional IPOs?
  • SPAC lifecycle
  • Who are typical SPAC investors and targets?
  • What are risk/return expectations for SPAC investor?
  • Why SPACs became so popular and expected to stay?

June 3 | Alexey Golovkin, Manager, Operational Risk & Sustainability, KPMG
ESG Due-diligence: why is it so important?

  • What is ESG Due-diligence?
  • Why is it so important?

The Marathon is held in partnership with KPMG Ukraine.

Base rate fee – UAH 1500 (the rate covers participation in all the bundle of Valuation Workshop Marathon series except Exclusive Member-only event). We offer a number of discounts, please see the detailed participation terms







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